The Akeso holding company, responsible for providing the second most private healthcare funded through public insurance in the Czech Republic, has increased its wages by an average of 16% throughout this year. That is 5% more money than what workers of public healthcare institutions could expect to receive from the government this year. On top of this, the company constructed 96 flats for its employees and takes care of their children in a dedicated day care facility. Since the holding plans to expand within the next few years, they are planning to attract even more healthcare professionals through higher wages and benefits. The businessman behind the company, Sotirios Zavalianis, shared that the difficult period associated with the covid-19 disease has raised the prestige of health workers to the highest level, and everyone must be aware that without their work and often above-standard dedication, we would not have been able to fight off the pandemic. Thus, taking care of such valuable staff seems to only be fitting. It is very likely that if the government does not follow suit in rewarding its healthcare staff, we could see a rise in private-owned healthcare in the Czech Republic.