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Czech News in English » Business » Summary: Engineering firms' export is heading to EU and US

Summary: Engineering firms’ export is heading to EU and US

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Engineering and metallurgical firm UNEX is exporting primarily into EU countries (Germany, Netherlands) and the US. Export accounted for 76 of turnover in 20165. Foundry Slévárna Ernst Leopold, which is in insolvency proceedings with permitted reorganisation, is exporting primarily into European countries and has a stable position on Czech and Slovak markets. The company estimates that export to Western Europe will grow in 2017 and plans to expand its business to North America and Middle East. Slovácké Strojírny’s TOS Čelákovice plant, which produces machine tools, is exporting ca. two thirds of its production. Major export territories include EU countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland), as well as South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Finland, Baltic countries and Kazakhstan. The firm is working on expanding its sales on new markets in India and Iran. This stems from a survey by ČIANEWS.

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