Odolena Voda, Central Bohemia, Dec 5 (CTK) – The Aero Vodochody Czech firm will send a brand new L-159 aircraft, which it has not been making for 13 years, to Iraq at the end of the year, Aero spokeswoman Tereza Vrublova told CTK yesterday.
The company did not rule out that a mass production of this combat aircraft might resume.
The assembly line for the production of the L-159 ALCA two-seat planes must be put into operation again. It has been maintained since the supply of the last planes in 2003.
The sale of the L-159s to Iraq and to the Draken International firm has provoked a new interest in these combat aircraft.
Aero is negotiating with several potential customers, Vrublova said.
The firm’s analyses indicate that the demand for light combat aircraft will be rising in the years to come and the L-159s are very competitive in its category, Aero Vodochody President Giuseppe Giordo said.
The plane that is being completed has an engine from the Honeywell firm. Aero has been negotiating with it on the future supplies of its innovated engines.
The L-159 light combat aircraft is equipped with a multipurpose radar for all weather conditions as well as day and night operation. It can carry a wide range of NATO standard arms, including air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and laser-guided bombs.
The two-seat L-159 aircraft is based on the construction of its one-seat version and it is primarily designed for continuation and operational training flights.
Aero Vodochody Aerospace produces and develops civilian and military aircraft. It is the largest aircraft producer in the Czech Republic. It is also the world’s biggest producer of jet trainers, having supplied more than 6000 planes.
At present, it focuses on the production and development of its own aircraft, L-159 and L-39NG, and it continues technically supporting the L-39 group planes.