“To adapt a Margaret Thatcher-ism: Being smart is like being a lady; if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Meghan Kruger

This wonderful quote comes from Meghan Kruger’s Washington Post column on 17 July 2019, titled, “Who’s the smartest of them all? Trump and Biden both say ‘me.’” In a wonderfully written piece, Kruger goes on to point out that wisdom not I.Q. is what makes the difference in a good leader. I would take it a step further when discussing desirable leadership traits. It’s knowing how to apply what you know in context–knowing what is needed, how much of it is needed, when it’s needed, with whom it’s needed, and how it’s needed to be delivered and why. I realize I’m paraphrasing Socrates, but, to me, this is the core of good leadership. Also, when you understand, and display these traits, you’ll never have to tell anyone you’re a leader. People, especially those who decide your next promotion, will get it.

Good luck on your Journey!