České dráhy, the primary Czech railway company, has reported a 217 million crown financial loss over the first half of this year. As well as in other transport businesses, people were much less likely to travel during the pandemic. Thus, the company estimates that it had about 9.5 million less customers on their routes than it could have had without the pandemic. Thus, even though the company’s cargo division is doing just fine, the transport provider as a whole has another period of financial loss in the books. For reference, they have lost a total of 4.1 billion crowns in the last year. They managed to save money, or rather lose less, through making budget cuts, such as shortening their routes by an average of 7.5%. The company also pointed out that one of their historically most faithful demographics, students, was completely missing when schools were closed. Despite all these dire statistics, it is very likely that trains will not stop running just yet, as the state plans to offset the losses of transport companies with EU money in the coming weeks. Ivana Bednárik, the CEO of České dráhy, expects the company’s personal transport division to have a negative balance at least until the end of the year, reportedly expecting a 1 billion crown loss before 2022. However, with the money earned from other divisions, such as ČD Cargo, they might just break even.