“Negative thoughts never deliver positive outcomes.” Gordon Tredgold

I enjoy the way Gordon Tredgold can put such wonderful insights into such short, memorable sentences, and this is surely one of those. Don’t over-think this one, though, by saying something like, “But what about realizing a negative and using that to create positive action?” That is not the same thing. That is converting a negative into a positive, which is a wonderful example of what this quote is all about. Sure, negative things happen all around us every day, but the question is, “How do you react to these things?” Do you embrace the worst possible outcome and infect those around you with a fatalistic view of the “inevitable”, or, do you accept the facts as they are and then marshal all your creativity to motivate yourself and others to fashion the best possible outcome? One approach is that of true leadership and thought-partnering, and of someone others respect and seek-out for problem-solving. The other is the approach of someone whose name is perennially on the “Those to lay-off” list.

Good luck on your journey!