Construction savings banks extended totally 18,475 loans totalling almost CZK 14.4bn in Q1 2017 (up 41% y/y). Českomoravská Stavební Spořitelna reported 7,854 loans totalling CZK 6.390bn (up 52%). Stavební Spořitelna České Spořitelny extended 3,635 loans totalling CZK 2.195bn (up 25%). The average loan totalled CZK 604,000. Modrá Pyramida Stavební Spořitelna provided 2,965 loans (up 13%) amounting to CZK 3.358bn (up 62%). Raiffeisen Stavební Spořitelna saw its bridging loans and construction savings loans grow 11.2% to 2,885. The average loan totalled CZK 620,000. Wüstenrot – Stavební Spořitelna has entered into more than 1,100 loan contracts worth CZK 409m. The average loan grew by ca. 6%. Construction savings bank anticipate revitalisation of the demand for construction savings in 2017 and foresee growth of up to 10% in the loan segment. This stems from a survey by ČIANEWS.