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Czech News in English » Business » D. Dědek: Jablotron sales propelled by alarms

D. Dědek: Jablotron sales propelled by alarms

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JABLOTRON group expects an approximately 10 % increase in turnover this year to CZK 2.4bn. The growth of the company continues to be propelled by the sale of alarms abroad. JABLOTRON general manager Dalibor Dědek said this in an interview for ČIANEWS, adding that in the year 2016, JABLOTRON wants to continue with investments reaching tens of millions of korunas connected to entering small technological companies. D. Dědek added that next year, JABLOTRON is planning on increasing the number of employees, of which the holding currently has nearly 500. The increase is to reach approximately 10%, mainly in development and trade.


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