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Czech News in English » Business » CzechInvest negotiated investments for CZK 64bn in 2016

CzechInvest negotiated investments for CZK 64bn in 2016

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CzechInvest negotiated investments for more than CZK 64bn in the Czech Republic in the year 2016. This represents a year-on-year increase by CZK 20bn. There are 16 new projects, in 84 cases they are expansions of companies, which are operating in the Czech Republic already. Foreign investors have 78 projects, local ones have 21. In one case, it is a common project in the form of joint venture. The agency negotiated the most foreign intentions with investors from Germany (CZK 9.3bn), followed by Austria (CZK 8.1bn) and the USA (CZK 4.4bn). In terms of segments, the highest percentage is represented by automotive (CZK 19.2bn), metal and metal-processing sector (CZK 4.7bn) and plastic production (CZK 3.4bn). The highest investment negotiated is the expansion of Karsit Automotive in Trutnov (CZK 2.7bn).

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