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Pepper de Callier: Things to Think About

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Table of Contents

“If you are bent on revenge, plan on digging two graves.” Lao Tzu (with special thanks to Richard Belloff for introducing me to this wonderful quote.)

What makes a great quote? Look no further than this masterpiece from the ancient Chinese Taoist Master, Lao Tzu. It invokes knowledge, emotion, and wisdom in one short sentence. There are many applications of this quote, but I would like to turn your attention to the world of business. Think about someone who is “bent” on personal political gain at the expense of others—a sort of 21st century version of revenge—because they view everyone in a very binary way: they are either for me or against me kind of way. So, to be smart, the goal is to get “revenge”—let’s call it pre-revenge—before they even have time to hurt you in some way. Witness the birth of the toxic employee. However, as Loa Tzu warns, you, too, are very likely to be a victim, especially when your pattern of behavior becomes so apparent, your presence in meetings, in the lunch room, or informal colleague get togethers makes people feel very uncomfortable and distant. So, seeking revenge is really nothing less than a fast track to the personal, professional brand graveyard.

Good luck on your journey!

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