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Czech News in English » Business » Electronic workers compensation to go-live on the first of the new year

Electronic workers compensation to go-live on the first of the new year

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From both the side of the employer and the side of the health care system, the workers compensation system, or “Neschopenka,” should be running all electronically as of January 1st, 2020. That means all communication and administration. As always there are worries that the system is not fully prepared. On an average day there are 211,000 people on the workers compensation system in Czechia.

The system has been available for testing since December but only with fictitious data and at certain locations. There is no way to actually test how the timing will work between the two parties involved. Another issue is that the software needs to be loaded correctly at both the employer’s, and at the health care provider’s, computer added Miroslav Diro from the Chamber of Commerce.

Naturally there are many health care providers and employers who have in-house systems. Many chose to program the service into their software. Others, like the clinic Na Bulovce, chose to create an app into which the hospitals system will coordinate with other systems. Surely there will be some difficult startup learning curves but in general the industry and employers are positive.

Not all are fully onboard. The communication is electronic but the patient receives a paper receipt which some doctors find absurd. General Practitioner Cyril Mucha said “that after nine years of development, calling this system electronic workers compensation is sad.”

Some doctors in Zlin are planning on boycotting the system as they are not getting paid for the administration efforts the new process requires. They risk getting fined for continuing paper workers compensation claims.

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