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Czech News in English » Business » Avoidance of the supermarket madness causes massive demand at online shops, delays

Avoidance of the supermarket madness causes massive demand at online shops, delays

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Czechia’s two largest e-supermarkets are reporting that they have massive orders from clients who are choosing to avoid the pre-holidays supermarket madness. Both and have reported that there estimated times of delivery can be delayed by several hours.

The facebook pages of are full of comments from angry shoppers who were expecting flawless deliveries on the days coming up to the holidays. One customer even stated that the order was delayed so long that the choice was made to cancel it. The issue was amplified by the fact that the customer service center was not adequately responding or taking calls. The Director of Tomas Cupr send e-mails that he was sorry for the situation. He went on explaining that these four busiest days of the year are not possible to plan for due to the massive demand. Texts and e-mails came to customers from as well, stating a similar dilemma plus a technical issue.

Both the online supermarkets warned customers ahead of time that the pre-holiday delivery time can be too much for the system and there may be delays etc. Recent information has been communicated that orders at are no longer experiencing major delays. It could also be the calm before the Monday storm.

A Sunday visit to the local Albert by your correspondent produced an unpopulated store with shelves well stocked; except for the beer section. Perhaps it’s the year to shop at the store as everyone is waiting at home by the fire waiting for their groceries to arrive.

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