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Czech News in English » Business » New toll system ready for December 1st launch: expect truck backups

New toll system ready for December 1st launch: expect truck backups

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The Ministry of Transport reported Monday that the new CzechToll navigation supported toll system is finished and has been handed over. The system cost 2.3 Billion Crowns and will go live on Sunday, December 1st. CzechToll is a consortium of PPF and Slovak company SkyToll. Slower than expected registration by transport companies has the ministry concerned that there will be transport truck backups for many kilometers in some areas.

The system was developed to bring a modern system onto the countries 1400 kilometers of highway. Another 860 kilometers of 1st grade roads will also be added to the transport toll system as of January 1st. The system is expected to bring the ministry an expected increase of 2.6 Billion Crowns in additional revenue, while saving it 900 million Crowns in operating costs. The system will use the current 49 toll gates across the country as well as another 11 gates which will be built on the 1st grade roads.

The system is amongst the best in the world with running costs close to 5%, versus the current system’s 15% said the Director of the project at the Roads and Highway Department Vaclav Nestrasil. He was not scared about the seemingly high investment as the government is paying CzechToll for the system over three years. The savings and increase in toll collections will make the project profitable as of 2020.

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