In 2017 Pražská Plynárenská wants to build four new CNG filling stations, it operated seven of them at the end of 2016. Customers can pay with conventional payment cards and CNG CardCetrum cards at the stations. In 2016 sales totaled 1.775m kg of CNG, a y/y increase of 13 %. This year MOL Èeská Republika is planning to open roughly nine gas stations offering CNG, it now has seven in the Czech Republic. They accept cash, card payments and CNG cards. The y/y increase in sales totals tens of percent. In 2017 and 2018 group ÈEZ will build 42 public quick-charging stations; through the Electromobility project ÈEZ has to date installed 70 public charging stations in the Czech Republic, 25 of them quick-charging. This year it will also expand payment methods, especially one-off payments which take into account actual energy consumed to charge an electric car.