Bratislava, Slovakia, March 29, 2012 – A new socio-economic demographic study of Slovakia’s Piano users finds that Piano’s subscribers are more highly educated and earn higher salaries than the average Slovak Internet user. Piano users are more likely to live in larger cities with more than a third of them living in Slovakia’s two biggest cities, Bratislava and Kosice. Finally, most of Piano’s readers are between 25-44 years old, the demographic with highest income and standard of living.

The study was conducted by Gemius SA in December 2011. They interviewed 28,000 Slovak internet users of whom 383 were Piano subscribers. Gemius is the largest online research agency in central and eastern Europe and is dedicated to Internet market research focusing on credibility, quality and accuracy.

Compared with the average Slovak internet users, Piano’s readers have a better education. More than 40% of Piano’s users have a university degree or higher. More than 80% of them have finished high-school. This compares favorably with approximately 16% of typical Slovak Internet users who have university degrees or higher and 57% who have graduated high-school.

Piano readers live in bigger metropolitan areas than their average Slovak internet user counterpart. More than 64% of Piano readers live in major Slovak cities, those with populations greater than 20,000, while a little more than 44% of typical Slovak Internet users live in such municipalities.

Piano’s users also are middle-aged and at the peak of their earning power when compared with the average Slovak internet user although, Piano also reaches an older demographic effectively as well. They are between 25-44 years of age, with slightly more than 50% falling into this category. This is better than the 46% of typical Slovak Internet users in this age group. Interestingly, older people are also Piano users. More than 17% of Piano users are older than 55, while only 10% of normal Internet users are among this group.

Finally, Piano users hold better jobs and earn a higher income than the average user of the Slovak internet does. Fully 37% of Piano users fall into the A category of the ABCDE population classification, defined as those who have the highest standard of living, earn the highest income and hold the most prestigious jobs. This is a very attractive demographic for both Slovak publishers and advertisers.

From the survey it is clear that Piano users are better educated, have better jobs and earn more money than the average Slovak Internet user. Piano’s subscribers live in more urban areas, have more disposable income and are thus a more desirable target audience for advertisers and publishers whose demographics Piano directly serves.