Out of the 165 states in total that are included in the research, the Czech Republic takes the 27th position on the list of economically free countries. Last year, the statistics presented somewhat better results for Czechia, which took the 24th place. As the number of participating countries is quite high and the data have to be submitted by each state, the report is usually released with a two-year delay. Thus, the mentioned numbers represent the year 2019. The Index of Economic Freedom has been measured annually since the year 1996. It takes into account five principal indicators: size of government, legal structure and property rights, access to sound money, freedom to trade internationally, regulation of credit, labour and business. Last year, the Index of Economic Freedom in the Czech Republic vastly increased. However, the rankings lowered as the index in other European countries rose even more. This year, the results regarding the Czech Republic turned out to be much worse in all the aspects of the analysis. For the following years, the experts suggest that the EFI in Czechia will be even lower due to the current leaders taking negligent actions that increase the government’s expenditure and also due to the rising inflation. Hong Kong has been taking up the top position in the ranking since 1990. The ultimately least economically free state has for the past several years been Venezuela.