Prague, July 24 (CTK) – The Czech cabinet on Monday rejected the joint proposal by deputies from the ruling Christian Democratic Union (KDU-CSL) and the opposition Mayors and Independents (STAN) that the last two phases of introducing electronic registration of sales (EET) be postponed, the Government Office told CTK.

Regardless of the cabinet’s position, the proposal will be submitted to parliament to decide on it.

The law on compulsory e-registration of sales, initiated by the ANO movement of former finance minister Andrej Babis as a measure to curb tax evasion, ranks among the most controversial on the Czech scene. It met with stormy protests of mainly small tradespeople and has been strongly criticised by the opposition.

In the first phase, EET was introduced for restaurants and accommodating facilities as of December 1, 2016. The second phase, applying to wholesale and retail entrepreneurs, started on March 1.

The third and fourth phases are to start in March and June 2018 and apply to refreshment providers and crafts businesses, respectively.

The deputies proposing the postponement, including Agriculture Minister and KDU-CSL deputy chairman Marian Jurecka, said the last phases should be postponed until after the first two phases’ effect is assessed.

The government said the change, if accepted, could be viewed negatively by the companies that have joined the EET already. Furthermore, the postponement would deprive the state of 1.7 billion crowns next year alone.

Alexandra Udzenija, lawmaker for the opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), who categorically reject EET, criticised the deputies’ proposal as hypocritical.

The KDU-CSL lawmakers previously helped the EET bill make it through parliament. Their current effort to make up for their passiveness and unprincipled conduct as a government party in the past four years looks ridiculous three months ahead of the October 20-21 election, Udzenija said.