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Czech News in English » Business » Press Release » Svoboda & Williams Appointed as Exclusive Sales Agent for Rezidence Quadrio

Svoboda & Williams Appointed as Exclusive Sales Agent for Rezidence Quadrio

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Svoboda & Williams (Press Release 30.04.2013) has been authorized by the CPI Group to sell the luxurious apartments that make up part of the new Rezidence Quadrio project, which is part of the mixed-use Quadrio complex that is being developed by CPI.“We are excited to represent such a timeless project. Rezidence Quadrio raises the standard of living in the city. The whole complex will have a positive effect on the downtown area as well as on the real estate market,” said Prokop Svoboda, co-owner of Svoboda & Williams.

The CPI Group investment and development company bought out the remaining shares in the Copa Centrum Národní project from Swiss businessman Sebastian Pawlowski in mid February 2013. Therefore, the CPI Group is the sole owner of the project, which they have renamed Rezidence Quadrio.

“We felt the need to give new life to the construction phase as well as to the project itself, which we want to own long term. Therefore, tenants can count on long-lasting solid relations and responsible property management from the side of the owner,” said Zdeněk Havelka, General Director of CPI Group. “The new name reflects not only the shape of the complex and its architectural aspects, but also its multi-functional division. It comes from an original English play on words, referring not only to the basic features but also to the benefits of this project,” added Havelka.

Rezidence Quadrio will offer luxurious two- and three-bedroom apartments in addition to the exclusive split-level maisonette four- and five-bedroom apartments. All apartments will offer balconies, while the apartments on the top floor will include roof-top terraces. The project is the work of the renowned architectural studio Cigler Marani Architects, and the new complex will include first-rate offices, a shopping mall, and a courtyard square adorned with greenery, benches, and garden restaurants. Visitors and tenants alike will appreciate the plans for 250 underground parking spaces.

One of the primary benefits of these new modern apartments is the stellar location. The Rezidence Quadrio project is situated in the historic part of Prague in the immediate vicinity of the Národní Třída metro station. It is characterized by unique modern architecture and parking opportunities, which there is currently shortage of, a problem which this project hopes to help in solving. „Our vision was to create a modern and confident building with a very strong concept, but at the same time to put the project in the context of the city environment and the protected historical monument zone,“ said Doc. Ing. Arch. Cígler from Cigler Marani Architects.

Rezidence Quadrio offers the surrounding area a wealth of public facilities as well. There will be restaurants, boutiques and services located within the complex. The administrative areas planned for the second underground level will include an exit from the Národní Třída metro station line B, allowing for very easy access. Tramstops are situated just in front of the building. Passages and walkways will connect Rezidence Quadrio with the My department store on three different levels.

Construction began on the new Rezidence Quadrio complex in the summer of 2012 and its completion is planned for the fall of 2014.

Source: Svoboda & Williams

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