Prague, March 16 (CTK) – Petr Morcinek, who owns the M&M Reality estate firm, will be the chief manager of the Czech government ANO movement’s campaign ahead of the October general election, ANO spokesman Vladimir Vorechovsky told CTK on Thursday, adding that the ANO board has approved Morcinek’s nomination.

In the past, Morcinek helped ANO with its election campaign in the Moravia-Silesia Region.

ANO, the country’s most popular party headed by Finance Minister Andrej Babis, wants to launch the election campaign only after the party’s programme conference scheduled for early June.

The hot phase of the campaign is planned for September.

“I will be managing the nationwide election campaign, including the [campaigning] staff, their coordination and a positive communication between the ANO centre and the regional branches,” Morcinek said in a press release.

He said he has worked on similar tasks for all his life and has always enjoyed it.

Morcinek dismissed the speculation that his acceptance of the post of ANO’s chief election manager means his entry into politics.

He said he wants to continue running his business company.

Morcinek, 46, is the sole owner of M&M Reality, a firm established in 2005, which sells about 1,600 houses and flats a year now.