Being half-n-half is good for the brain and the character.Reader Anna Fronková shares more stories from her Half-n-half family living in the Czech Republic. When my husband finally arrived from England for a few weeks, he noticed a great difference in the children and his astounded exclamations ranged from “My, haven’t you grown!” to “My, you look…quite Czech – all of you!” This response puzzled me; what could he possibly mean? True, I was wearing a forgotten, oversized Moravian hand-embroidered waistcoat and a Czech-flag kerchief on my head…and yes, the snow might have gone and little Alexander was still wearing the customary snowsuit and fur-lined-hat. But what else? My husband Jeff immediately integrated himself into the bustle of daily life,Continue Reading

Keeping the Christmas spirit in new holiday traditions Half-n-Half reader Joann Plocková, an American married to a Czech living in Prague, shares the joy of her newly found Christmas traditions. Last year, right around this time, sitting inside a café off Prague’s Vodičkova street, my Czech-English language exchange partner asked me whether I preferred celebrating Christmas in America or Česká Třebová, the small town where my in-laws live and my husband of five years, Roman, grew up. When I answered Česká Třebová, she asked me why. My response, limited by my very poor Czech, was something along the lines of, because it is quieter, which is true, but what I wanted to say is that it allows me to re-experienceContinue Reading