According to meteorologists, this year’s winter should be exceptionally cruel to those who do not enjoy the snow or cold weather in general. That is because the Central European region is expected to be affected by an irregular atmospheric phenomenon named ‘the polar vortex’. This phenomenon brings extremely cold temperatures from the North pole to regions situated much more to the south. In the previous years, it has troubled North America, where temperatures of places on the same longitude fell to almost -50 degrees Celsius. While the situation may not become as dire thanks to the Gulf stream, meteorologists still warm that we should prepare for a very cold winter. The polar vortex is a large cyclone that forms inContinue Reading

With the global warming crisis becoming more and more of a talking point in the public as natural disasters stroke the northern hemisphere exceptionally painfully during the summer months, Lesy ČR aims to fight against it. The state owned company, which is in charge of managing most of the country’s forest land, has presented a plan to plant more than 200,000 hectares of trees between 2022 and 2026. For reference, that is roughly six fifths of the area of Prague. To achieve such a massive undertaking, the company’s spokeswoman Eva Jouklová has announced that the company will put out a tender in the coming days,  which will split all this work into 46 separate projects. The company is reportedly willingContinue Reading

The Peregrine Falcon is commonly accepted to be the fastest creature in the world, as it is able to reach the mind-boggling speeds of 300-350 kilometres per hour as it dives through the air to catch its prey. At this speed, these predators often kill their unsuspecting victims purely with the force of the impact. Evolution perfected their bodies for this purpose, as the crow-sized birds are able to fold their sharp-tipped wings and arrow-shaped tail into a shape aerodynamic enough to allow them to reach speeds that many cars do not even come close to. These majestic creatures are so dominant at their craft, that they managed to spread to every continent except Antarctica. However, they have recently beenContinue Reading