Matějská pouť in Prague has a centuries old tradition. (ČTK) Music floats lazily from the inside of the confines of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. American songs, mixed with classical pieces, combined with the tinkling of bells and the clank of machinery drift threw the air. Neon signs from attractions peek over the ledge of the surrounding fence. From the first steps off the tram at the Výstaviště stop in Holešovice, even before you pay the CZK 25 for admission, you know you’re at St Matthew’s Fair. St Matthew’s Fair, known as Matějská pouť to the locals, is a time-honored Czech tradition: The earliest recorded festival began over 410 years ago. And though times have changed, the rides have only gottenContinue Reading

The historical centre of Olomouc is a UNESCO World Heritage site. (ALYSSA PRY) Winter is coming to a close, and it might be difficult to pull yourself away from the overwhelming beauty of Prague in the spring. But for a weekend escape, Olomouc, a university town and the old capital of Moravia, provides a weekend of history and stunning architecture that could rival that of Prague. Only a three hour train ride from Prague, Olomouc offers a different view of the Czech Republic, and its lesser-traveled charm makes this a nice destination for a weekend away. Olomouc has similar parallels to Prague for those who are hesitant to leave. In the main square, Olomouc’s astronomical clock signals the hour withContinue Reading