Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Rath praises Hitler’s economic policies Adolf Hitler’s economic policy could serve as an inspiration during the current downturn, MP and Central Bohemian regional Governor David Rath said in an interview in Saturday’s Lidové noviny. “Hitler tackled the crisis by producing arms, which gave people work and kick-started the economy,” he told the daily. Rath later offered a clarification, saying he had not meant to glorify Hitler’s “inhuman and criminal regime”. most Czech press Černý angry over fictional interview David Černý, the artist who created the controversial Entropa sculpture that caricatures EU countries, is upset over a fictional interview published by Mladá fronta Dnes Saturday. The paper spuriously quotes Černý as saying Deputy PMContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Experts: Pact needed for ČR to take Gitmo prisoners Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg’s suggestion that the Czech Republic accept and try suspected terrorists from America’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility would require an international agreement, according to legal experts queried by ČTK. Under current law, the only foreigners who can be prosecuted and jailed on Czech soil are those charged with committing crimes in the country. ČTK Kundera: No suit over informant story Famed Czech-born author Milan Kundera said he will not sue the weekly Respekt for libel for publishing a story last year alleging he reported a supposed western spy to the communist authorities in 1950, when Kundera was a student. Jiří SrstkaContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Klaus invites Obama to Prague President Václav Klaus sent a letter to newly inaugurated US President Barack Obama congratulating him and inviting him to visit Prague. The letter was published on the Castle’s website. most Czech press Černý to return state money for Entropa Artist David Černý has signed an agreement pledging to return the CZK 1.9 million in state funds he received for his controversial Entropa project displayed in Brussels. The state will also not pay the agreed CZK 1.2 million to rent the artwork. Černý will only receive a symbolic CZK 1. most Czech press MEP: ČR should encourage energy cooperation with Iraq MEP Jana Hybášková said yesterday the Czech RepublicContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Topolánek wishes new US president well Czech PM Mirek Topolánek said yesterday he expected “excellent” Czech-American relations to continue under new President Barack Obama. “I wish him courage, toughness and faith”, he said. Právo 1, 2 BIS: Gas crisis could happen again The gas crisis that resulted from a dispute between Russia and Ukraine will likely happen again, according to Czech intelligence services. Meanwhile, gas supplies from Russia to the Czech Republic resumed yesterday evening. Natural gas prices for Europe are expected to rise by up to 50% in the second quarter of 2009, which could affect prices of gas for households, Czech distributors said. most Czech press Havel’s condition improving The healthContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Gas crisis could be over The heads of Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz yesterday signed a 10-year contract under supervision of the two countries’ prime ministers. Russian PM Vladimir Putin said Gazprom has now been ordered to restart gas supplies to Europe, which should see gas coming to the Czech Republic by the end of the week. Czech Industry Minister Martin Říman said he would believe it once the gas really arrives. most Czech press Klaus urged cabinet to disavow Entropa President Václav Klaus in a letter last Wednesday urged the cabinet to disavow the controversial installation Entropa by artist David Černý, the news site reported. On the same day, Klaus sentContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Czech leaders fly to Middle East summit PM Mirek Topolánek and Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg yesterday flew to Egypt where they will represent the EU at a summit seeking a solution to the conflict in Gaza. The duo will then travel to Israel. EU presidency spokesman Jiří František Potužník said Topolánek wants an immediate start to humanitarian aid operations. most Czech press Obama nominee: US might revise radar plans Michele Flournoy, US President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for undersecretary of defence for policy, told Congress Friday that plans for a US anti-missile system in Europe should be reviewed to take into account relations with Russia. The Czech Foreign Ministry said Flournoy’s comments do notContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS ČR apologizes for Černý’s Entropa Minister for EU Affairs Alexandr Vondra and artist David Černý apologised yesterday at the official unveiling of Entropa in Brussels, saying the 8-tonne art installation was not intended to insult anybody. Vondra said the Czech government did not know until this week that Černý rather than a group of artists from across the EU was the project’s true creator. Slovakia objected yesterday to being depicted as a salami wrapped in the Hungarian tricolour. most Czech press Filipiová, Bendl, Kocáb, Svoboda to join cabinet PM Mirek Topolánek yesterday named Senator Daniela Filipiová (ODS) as the new health minister, while Petr Bendl (ODS), former governor of Central Bohemia, will takeContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Architect Kaplický dies suddenly in Prague Czech-born architect Jan Kaplický died yesterday in Prague at the age of 71. He collapsed in the street but the emergency rescue crew was unable to save his life. The architect died on the same day that his wife Eliška gave birth to their daughter. most Czech press Doctors say Havel’s life not in immediate danger Former President Václav Havel’s condition worsened yesterday after he underwent throat surgery on Monday at Prague’s Motol hospital. Doctors said Havel‘s life was not in immediate danger, but that they were battling to halt the spread of inflammation to his lungs. most Czech press Denmark says it can see Muhammad inContinue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Natural gas still not coming; ČR to rely more on nuke energy The dispute between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas continues and renewed supplies are not yet coming. PM Mirek Topolánek meets today in Strasbourg with MEPs for talks on energy security. Industry and Trade Minister Martin Říman said it is necessary for countries to interlink their gas networks to prevent a similar crisis in the future and that the ČR would expand its Dukovany nuclear power plant, E15 reports. most Czech press David Černý in hot water over ‘Entropa’ statue The controversial sculpture “Entropa”, unveiled to mark the start of the Czech EU presidency, was not created by artists from 27Continue Reading

Download Breakfast Brief in PDF » NEWS Čunek to leave cabinet KDU-ČSL party leader Jiří Čunek announced yesterday that he would resign from the cabinet. His post as Deputy Prime Minister will be filled by Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanová and as Regional Development Minister by Cyril Svoboda. He will remain the head of KDU-ČSL. Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek yesterday named three other cabinet ministers expected to resign by 23 January: Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Džamila Stehlíková (Greens); Health Minister Tomáš Julínek (ODS); and Transport Minister Aleš Řebíček (ODS). Stehlíková will be replaced by Green Party nominee and singer Michael Kocáb. most Czech press Transport unions agree on strike Representatives of 13 transport trade unions yesterday agreed to callContinue Reading