The opposition is attacking Topolánek’s cabinet because of money that is to be spent on open sandwiches. The Office of the Government has increased the refreshment budget by more than CZK 10 million in the past two years. Ministries will also spend extra millions, as they will provide European officials and politicians with food and drink during the Czech EU presidency. MPs discussed the Office of the Government’s budget even during the session of the petition committee. Since they could not reach a conclusion, they could not adopt any official resolution. “Items like refreshment or gifts, these are a tragedy. Although we will be presiding over the EU, the expenses are exorbitant,” said a member of the lower house petitionContinue Reading

The Czech central bank governor rejected fast euro adoption as a shield against the financial crisis on Thursday, while his Polish counterpart cast doubt on the government’s 2012 euro zone entry plans due to the turmoil.Their statements highlighted the divergent stances toward the single currency in central and eastern Europe’s EU newcomers as they struggle to deal with the fallout of the global turmoil, following a month of crisis in Hungary.Continue Reading