Doubt is the word most used by European media in connection to the end of French EU presidency that is to be followed by the Czech one for the next six months. Last week’s satirical programme on Canal Plus TV represented its latest form. The programme took advantage of hyperbole corresponding to the puppet show to address the question marks accompanying the Czech presidency, which were also underlined by a number of commentaries published in more serious media. A scene including European politicians targeted Nicolas Sarkozy, as it has done before, but this time the Czech president also became an object of satire. It was not his views concerning Europe, however, since Klaus’ puppet only managed to utter a fewContinue Reading

European Union leaders, led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on Tuesday criticised the Czech Republic’s eurosceptic president, weeks before his country assumes the EU presidency. Among the main bones of contention is Klaus’s unwillingness to let the European flag fly from the presidential Prague Castle and a recent diplomatic incident when Klaus met a delegation of EU parliamentarians visiting Prague. “We were upset when all the European flags were withdrawn from public buildings,” Sarkozy said.Continue Reading