For 30 years now, the Czech Scouts have been distributing the Peace Light of Bethlehem across the Czech Republic. The fire, which was lit in the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ, has been carried across Europe ahead of every Christmas period since the 1980s. This year the handover had to take place on the border with Austria due to the coronavirus epidemic.Continue Reading

The General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GIBS) detained a police officer in Prague who sold cocaine and meth as a side-job. The police officer was purchasing drugs for personal use and for sale to his acquaintances. He now faces up to five years in prison. His supplier, as it turned out, had an accomplice in Spain and a courier who transferred drugs to the Czech Republic. “GIBS inspectors subsequently found out that its supplier, as the main organizer of this crime, obtained drugs through contacts operating in Spain, specifically through a Czech who resided in Spain. Another man then acted as a courier,” said Ivana Nguyenová, spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Security Forces, according to The man boughtContinue Reading

The population of the Czech Republic increased by 13 900 citizens to 10.71 million in the last nine months. The increase in inhabitants happened mostly because of immigrants according to the research published by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). The capital and six other regions experienced an increase in inhabitants. Central Bohemia improved demographically with 10 800 new inhabitants. Meanwhile, Prague saw an increase of 7200. The biggest decrease happened in Moravian-Silesian Region which lost 5100 inhabitants. 85 000 people died during the last nine months. It’s 1000 more than the last years’ result for the same period. “Despite the fact that COVID-19 is the main reason for increased mortality in the Czech Republic, the October data also show anContinue Reading

Those businesses which will be forced to stop operations once again following the COVID-19 restriction will receive compensations in full, 100% amount of the costs, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš stated. On Monday, the government discussed returning to the fourth level of danger according to PES. The results of the meeting will be announced shortly but, most likely, the proposal will be passed. If the suggestion of the Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, is accepted, then measures will be tightened. That will mean closing the restaurants and other services, which just got opened. The period of time left for the restaurants to operate is unclear. However, the minister promised to keep the shops open. “If the government decides to close someContinue Reading

The Czech-Slovak-French co-production SH_T HAPPENS, directed by FAMU students Michaela Mihályi and Dávid Štumpf, has qualified for the 2021 Oscar nominations. If it succeeds, it will be the second year running that a Czech animated film receives an Oscar nomination after Daria Kashcheeva’s Daughter made the list in 2020. I asked the producer of SH_T HAPPENS, Peter Badač, how he feels about being considered for the Oscars.Continue Reading

The Tourism Union forces the state to provide compensation to small and medium-sized businesses such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, travel guides, and others. They assume “civil disobedience” if the government doesn’t provide any support. This Monday, the government will decide whether to close the restaurants and hotels again after two weeks of working. The entrepreneurs feel are not happy with the development since Christmas and New Year Eve are the most profitable periods. The Tourism Union said in their official statement: “All our members are on the verge of having only two options: ‘obedient’ bankruptcy, or active expression of civil disobedience.” The Tourism Union includes 16 professional associations, including nearly 8000 companies and approximately 250 000 jobs. They providedContinue Reading

A senior man from a village near Prostějov in the Olomouc region got tricked with an email scam promising a generous donation. Instead of the gift, he lost 27,000 CZK (1,025 EUR). According to the Tydenik Policie, the man received an email telling him that he received a gift worth $300,000. He then contacted the sender who turned out to be located in the United States. The sender informed him that he must first pay 1018 EUR to receive the transfer code for the gift. The man transferred the money but, predictably, the gift never arrived. The man then contacted the police and they opened a case for the suspicion of fraud. “Despite the fact that the police still warnContinue Reading

This story began back in 1996. Geert-Jan Bruinsma, a tech guy with an entrepreneurial spirit, wanted to bring together Dutch travelers and the places they wanted to stay with the help of online booking service. His little start-up grew steadily in its first few years. Therefore, it was acquired by a bigger company nine years later. The successful integration actually helped the new parent company to substantially improve its financial position within a short period of time. has grown from a small start-up to one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. By using the technology that helps take the friction out of travel, they seamlessly connect millions of travelers with places to stay – making it easier forContinue Reading