Less than a week after the easing of COVID-19 related measures, the government decides to re-evaluate some of them, once again. While the general tightening of the restrictions is not expected, the government did enforce new rules on restaurants and similar entities. Despite the fact that the Czech Republic remains on the third level of PES, which allows restaurants, cafes, and other services to function normally until 10 pm, the government decided to shorten their serving time by two hours. According to the minister of Health, both customers and business owners are constantly violating the measures. “It’s even about setting up the so-called heated tents by the windows. There are crowded bars, food and alcohol consumption in public and atContinue Reading

Politico ranked Zdeněk Hřib among the 28 most influential people in Europe – class 2021. Along with the Mayor of Prague, Politico included such famous politicians as Angela Merkel (the most powerful person in Europe according to the ranking), Emmanuel Macron, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Boris Johnson, and Vladimir Putin. According to its website, Politico’s ranking presents names of the people (16 men and 12 women) with the most power over European politics. Sixteen of those are politicians while others come from a rich variety of backgrounds not directly associated with politics, including J.K. Rowling and Pavel Durov (the founder of Telegram). The ranking is divided into three categories: doers, disrupters and dreamers. Hřib is included in the “dreamers” categoryContinue Reading

“Nearly all men can handle adversity. If you really want to test his character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln Sober advice, indeed. When you stop to think about it, we wear, as a badge of courage, our overcoming adversity, which I think is proper and good. We are setting a good example for those around us. But, how often have we seen someone with what is equated with power today—wealth—treat others, mere mortals, with disdain? Someone once said that true test of character is how someone treats another person, when that person cannot do anything for them. Bringing this down to a day-to-day level we can all relate to, think about how you treat the waitstaff in a restaurant, orContinue Reading

How many podcasts and blogs are there? Apple said there were over 500 thousand podcasts back in 2018. Podcasting has been continuously on the rise over the past few years and has become one of the most popular channels for content delivery. So currently, the number of podcast shows is over 1.5 million with over 30 million episodes. Blogs have been with us already for 25 years. Justin Hall, considered by many to be the pioneer of blogging, started his online journal back in 1994. And it exists to this day, being one of more than 500 million blogs in the world. Blogs count for about a third of all websites. Considering this, the competition is fierce. Hence, if youContinue Reading

Those who oppose anti-pandemic measures imposed by the Czech government gathered in the hundreds on Sunday to demonstrate against what they call “the deployment of totalitarianism.” Starting at Wenceslas Square and Palackého Náměstí, protesters then migrated to Můstek where they consolidated before marching through Old Town Square and across the Mánes Bridge to Klárov.  The crowds grew to sizes not recommended by the Ministry of Health as bystanders were encouraged to join with a “come with us” chant. Czech flags, Slovak flags, and banners with defiant phrases on them decorated the march. Skeptical of having a vaccine forced on him, one man held a banner that said “Pokud my, tak vy první!” (If we have to, then you first!)  ManyContinue Reading

The Czech state will be forced to return “hundreds of millions” of crowns due to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s ongoing conflict of interest and improper disbursement of EU funds, a Czech opposition MEP on the European Parliament’s budget control committee says, citing the final European Commission audit.Continue Reading