The current sales on the fourth week of Advent are comparable to the last year’s results. Based on ČTK traders’ research, Czechs showed a high interest in gift vouchers, food, and cosmetics. The possible reason is the uncertainty about future measures against the COVID-19. “Compared to the previous Advent weekend, we recorded an increase in purchases and overall, the interest was equal to the last Advent weekend last year,” explained Globus spokeswoman Lutfia Volfová. Customers mostly spent money on food and gifts. The most popular food options were meat, pastries, and sausages. Lego Super Mario and the board game Minecraft were popular among the gifts for children. As for adult gifts, Czechs buy alcohol or cosmetic packages.  According to theContinue Reading

The mutated form of COVID-19 was detected in the UK and alarmed citizens of the affected countries. The Czech National Reference Laboratory reported that they found this form of COVID-19 in Czech patients back at the beginning of fall, but there is no reason to panic. The new form of the virus underwent around 23 mutations with the most significant ones happening in the spike protein, where the H69/V70 deletion occurred, according to the report by COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium. It could explain why several Czech patients were re-infected with COVID-19 despite the reports that re-infection is unlikely. Furthermore, it can potentially explain why the virus is spreading quicker. “New variants of coronavirus are appearing independently of each other inContinue Reading

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself. Soren Kierkegaard A significant force and thought leader in the 19th century, Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, was known for his focus on the importance of subjectivity, or the way we relate ourselves to objective truths.  There is a stark reality when you take this to an absurd length to prove its point, like say, refusing to believe that moderation has any importance in your life, until you begin to see the ravages of excess come on for an extended and very uncomfortable visit.  What this quote reminds me of is a study done many years ago among people who were in their seventh and eighthContinue Reading

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš stated that the vaccination against the COVID-19 can start from December 27 if the vaccines arrive on December 26. During his visit to the hospitals, Babiš announced that he will become a new special agent responsible for the vaccination. Babiš himself wants to get the vaccine but he’s waiting for his doctor’s decision. On Monday, Babiš announced that he’s looking for a special agent who will be in charge of the vaccination. He proposed Roman Prymula, the former Minister of Health, but Prymula rejected the offer. After Prymula’s rejection, Babiš stated: “Because I have my experience with the Ministry of Health during the whole year, I decided it would be me.” The planned vaccination will startContinue Reading