Originally, it was supposed to be something like a joyful explosion of the Czech-French friendship. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, Prague was to be lit by spectacular fireworks that were to symbolise the transfer of the EU presidency from the French to the Czechs. But the planned festive collaboration was cancelled. This time, however, it was not allegedly one of the Czech-French diplomatic “skyrockets” that have been flying above the EU recently because of the President Václav Klaus or because of the Czech procrastination with the Lisbon treaty. In the end, neither of the parties allegedly wanted to pay for the joint festivities. Prague’s New Year’s fireworks are called “Nine images”. “It is a presentation of traditional fireworks fromContinue Reading

The national library is not the only building on Letná opposed by Prague Mayor Pavel Bém and the majority of city representatives. Bém also doesn’t want a national football stadium there or a giant aquarium. “Letenská pláň will once again become a central city park, whose dominant feature is greenery,” Bém promised at a meeting of Prague councillors. But while Kaplický’s library had a big group of supporters, the football stadium and the aquarium never gained much public support. On the contrary. The civic group Zachraňme Letnou (Save Letná), backed by local Greens, has collected some 7,000 signatures from people opposed to both planned projects. Evan former president Václav Havel joined in. Upon receiving the list of signatures, Mayor PavelContinue Reading

An appeal for evacuation – that was the subject of an announcement that the bankruptcy administrator Michal Tintěra has sent to clients of a high-end retirement home in Průhonice. The company Residence Classis, the owner of the building, has been in insolvency proceedings since mid-October. Its debts were CZK 283 million at that time, and it had only about CZK 2,000 of ready money. The bankruptcy administrator said supplies of power, gas and water will be cut. “On the basis of these facts, I have to ask you for an immediate transportation of your relatives,” Tintěra wrote to the clients’ relatives Tuesday. Therefore, more than two dozen of seniors had to move out yesterday. The same appeals were sent byContinue Reading

Switch all lights and electrical appliances off on Sunday, 21 December, the anonymous authors of a protest against power producer ČEZ ask Czechs. They are sending out mass emails, in which ČEZ director Martin Roman smiles under a notice saying: “We are looking forward to your money in 2009”. The entire email comes in the form of a New Year’s greeting. The authors of the protest criticise the rising electricity prices and the high remuneration that the company’s bosses receive. “Let’s go, let them know we are not like sheep that just say baah, bow their heads and keeps on doing what they say,” the authors write in their appeal. However, ČEZ is not concerned about this type of protest.Continue Reading

City Hall is downsizing the planned D-metro line before the project even has chance to get off the ground, iDnes.cz reports. According to the city’s new zoning plan, which is to come into effect in 2010, the D-line will not extend to Žižkov, Prague 3, and Libeň, Prague 12, as originally planned. The city sections are not too pleased with these changes. The D-line metro, which was originally supposed to pass through Hlavní nádraží, will lead from Pankrác, to Novodvorsko, to Modřany and Písnice. “In the case of Žižkov this is a serious problem because this is an interesting location with the Nákladové nádraží project. Its development will be tied to good transportation connections and the value of property pricesContinue Reading