Gone are the days when a call to a company helpdesk provided you with direct contact with an operator or other live employee. Their places in companies’ contact and call centers are now occupied by technological solutions that save companies costs and staff capacity. With such a phone call, you will most often encounter the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system today. Or, if you are more fortunate, a quicker and friendlier AI voicebot. But what are its benefits, and why you don’t have to worry about talking to artificial intelligence? Is it a robot, or is it a person? But what exactly is a smart voicebot? It is a solution that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learningContinue Reading

Mobile marketing — one of the most powerful marketing techniques … So what do you need to know to get started with mobile marketing? In today’s mobile-first world, brands are on the hook to provide great mobile experiences. But also start-ups and small businesses can connect with people through their personal devices. And hence, to stay current with peoples’ habits. You should know that you don’t have to develop your bespoke mobile app. If people own a mobile phone, they likely have and use a mobile wallet. To engage your customers, you can offer them your branded digital content for their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. This mobile wallet digital content is a digital substitute forContinue Reading

More and more people prefer spending using mobile wallets instead of cash or plastic. The desire for contactless payments is turning out to be a surging tide and all mobile wallets — with Apple Pay substantially ahead of the pack — are benefiting from this trend. You might think that mobile wallets are just about payments. But they can work for you as a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform. Why? Mobile wallets allow you to show up on your customers’ lock screen with push notifications. So you can connect with people through their personal devices. Mobile wallets — Apple Wallet and Google Pay — are secure, organized folders that allow people to store, view, and manage their paymentContinue Reading

Mobile wallets are more than just a credit card alternative. It is no secret that people are moving towards mobile payments while using Apple Pay and Google Pay services. In a becoming-digital world, mobile phones are a convenience of everyday life, influencing people’s behaviors. You can help businesses to adapt to this mobile-centric market and the movement towards mobile wallets. Think of mobile wallets as keys. They safely and securely provide access to almost anything online or in the real world. Mobile wallets offer convenience, security, and safety. Our mobile phones are with us constantly so it is just natural to store payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes, or event tickets there. By doing so, we can’t lose themContinue Reading

The past year has revealed how easy it is to catch even the most modern and developed societies unprepared. The coronavirus epidemic, which has spread around the world, is an unprecedented situation for a globalized world. And artificial intelligence proved to be a useful aid in mastering it. In addition to tracing infected people or combating misinformation, another of AI’s strengths has come to light – its use in vaccine development and clinical drug trials. The use of AI in clinical trials has been worked on for many years. However, it is the threat of coronavirus that could accelerate its involvement in drug development. Thanks to it, scientists and doctors have an enormous amount of data at their disposal, whichContinue Reading