By Pepper de Callier

“We create stories to define our existence.” Elizabeth Gilbert

A lot has been written about the power of stories and how effective they are at influencing the thoughts and actions of others. In my work with leaders helping them to hone their public speaking skills, one thing I tell them is to forget the words, and tell the stories. In doing this, we raise ourselves above the pedantic nature of repeating words on a slide, to creating a human link with the listeners. But, I would like to direct your thinking in the opposite direction: inward. The stories we tell ourselves become who we are and as Gilbert’s quote reminds us, they define us. Think about your stories for a moment. Are you stuck in a rut with a dead-end job, going nowhere, or are you using that job as a springboard to a much better one—one that will take you places on your career path? It’s the same job, just two different stories. Which one would you rather be telling yourself?

Good luck on your journey!