“Some people use complexity to create doubt, then offer a simple, self-serving solution.”  Anonymous

At no time in our history could this quote have more importance than today.  Many years ago, as a young professional, searching for so many answers to life’s questions, I met someone who was a very persuasive speaker—someone who had a powerful impact on the thoughts and actions of others.  We became friends and, as I got to know him better, I asked him how he could be so effective at influencing others. 

“Create doubt,” he told me.  “If I can create doubt about something you believe to be true, that opens the door to changing your mind, and your belief. “

Over the years, I watched him and began to see that the primary beneficiary of his “power” was indeed himself.  That is when I first realized that for every complex problem, somewhere there is a simple answer… that is wrong.  We see this today playing out across the world with populist leaders offering such simple solutions to the complex problems of civil society, and what we end up with, in far too many cases, is something that serves the leader quite nicely, but is very toxic for the newly converted.  Stay calm and think clearly.

Good luck on your journey!