“Yesterday, I was clever and wanted to change the world.  Today, I am wiser and want to change myself.”  Rumi, Sufi poet

Stop for a moment and think about Rumi’s words.  To me, he is talking about the maturation process of critical thinking.  It begins with a very broad horizon, and through self-reflection gets narrowed to the real core of wisdom.  Many of us would really, truly like to change the world, but for most of us, that scale is not realistic.  What is realistic?  What makes common-sense?  It all begins with the core—you.  We have known for many years that we become what we think about.  So, staying with this quote, where do you begin?  You begin with yourself.  Then, you become an example for others, and they become examples for others, and on and on.  Mahatma Gandhi once told us to be the change we want to see in the world.  Think about the power of thinking this way.  First, there’s the power of your example.  Then, there is the power of your network, then the power of your network’s network, etc., etc.  This is where genuine, authentic movements begin; one person setting the example about something that resonates with someone else.  Now, think about the power this approach can have just in your immediate surroundings at home, at work, behind the wheel of your car or, waiting in line somewhere. The possibilities are limitless.  See, wisdom can be fun.

Good luck on your journey!