Launch party for newly released Czech board game Terra Futura was held on Monday 13th September during the First Sustainable Mall: Weekly Swap at Prague Holešovice Market. The game was created as part of the cooperation with the international Game On project and Albi. The game takes players into the future, where they build cities and industry and strive to achieve the greatest possible balance between production and sustainability. 

The game was launched and celebrated by Viktorie Tenzerová, director of Na mysli, Czech NGO that is responsible for the implementation of the Game on project and documentary festival World on a Plate; authors of the game Petr Vojtěch and Jindřich Pavlásek; and Petr Doubravský, one of the founders and spokespersons of Fridays For Future Czech Republic and school strikes for the climate-instigator. 

”Terra Futura is a minimalistic, fast and fun board game with simple rules and swift pace where no one gets bored. It is a competitive strategy game for 2 to 5 for adults & kids with a suggested age range of 10 and up,“ sums up Viktorie Tenzerová from Na mysli. “One of the goals of our project ‚Game on! Do not let climate change end the game‘ was to come up with a board game which reflects climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our times and speaks to both youth and adults. It seems that we accomplished this task together with Albi as we have received many positive reviews from players and commentators so far. We believe that Terra Futura will become not only a favourite Christmas gift but also will be present at elementary schools, high schools, and libraries. We hope it will bring joy to players and give them motivation, initial push, and support to become agents of change and demand action on the climate emergency. The game will be translated this fall into five more languages of the European ‚Game on‘ project consortium,“ adds Viktorie Tenzerová. 

“We brought an optimistic attitude into the creation of Terra Futura. On many cards you will notice hints of a clear vision of the future,“ describes Petr Vojtěch, one of the authors of the game. “Our aim was not to simulate an utopian society, but to give players a choice. A choice to play fair, clean and sustainable or not. For example – you can produce food slowly and without pollution – or on the other hand, quickly with pollution. However, this also comes with limitations and tying player ‘s hands. The point is to find the balance,“ he explains. 

“Petr and Jindřich are amongst the most talented authors in Czechia, so we are extremely glad that we convinced them to collaborate on this game with us. They truly managed to create a piece that not only underlines the importance of creating a thriving economy within planetary limits but also an excellent game which is very accessible and fun to play in itself,“ adds David Rozsíval from a publishing company Albi. 

Terra Futura board game includes 73 cards, 160 wooden tokens, scoring sheet and set of rules. The game time is approximately 30 minutes and there are many paths to victory – but careful: not all of them are environmentally responsible. Each player will have a chance to experiment with effective planning and optimalization and try to effectively build a city, manage economy, secure resources, manage production, industry, and agriculture, grow food, manage transport, export and import of goods, while also taking care of waste management and recycling. All of it while maintaining a healthy ratio between production and sustainability and minimizing the impacts on environment. 

Game design: Petr Vojtěch a Jindřich Pavlásek 

Ilustration: Jindřich Pavlásek 

Development: Time Slug Studio 

Publisher: ALBI Česká republika, a. s. 

Na mysli, z.ú. 

Na mysli is a non-profit organization dealing with global sustainability, climate change and related environmental aspects. Na mysli organizes documentary festival ‚World on a Plate‘ about the environment, food and climate change. It is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the European project “Game ON – Don’t let climate change end the game!” in Czech Republic. 

Project “Game On!” 

“Game On!“ is a community initiative of ten partners from eight Central and Eastern European countries, which aims to mobilize young people around the world and enable them to respond to the major threats posed by climate. The project enables to comprehend the challenges that that our society and planetary ecosystems face because of climate crisis; helps understand the connections and impacts of climate change on peoples livelihoods and ecosystems both in global South and North; and presents opportunities on how to actively participate on climate action and push forth for the urgent systemic change required to overcome the challenges posed by climate change.