According to meteorologists, this year’s winter should be exceptionally cruel to those who do not enjoy the snow or cold weather in general. That is because the Central European region is expected to be affected by an irregular atmospheric phenomenon named ‘the polar vortex’. This phenomenon brings extremely cold temperatures from the North pole to regions situated much more to the south. In the previous years, it has troubled North America, where temperatures of places on the same longitude fell to almost -50 degrees Celsius. While the situation may not become as dire thanks to the Gulf stream, meteorologists still warm that we should prepare for a very cold winter. The polar vortex is a large cyclone that forms in the stratosphere (a layer of the atmosphere 18 to 50 kilometers above sea level) beneath which a mass of cold Arctic air travels. According to weather experts from Severe Weather, just that is on its way to the European continent, and it is most likely not stopping. We will feel the impact of the polar vortex most in February 2022. However, it is not yet possible to determine exactly what temperatures we should prepare for, as it is still possible that the vortex will veer off from its current course. This can be influenced by a number of factors, especially the air currents over the Atlantic Ocean. In the case of North America, the probability of the same polar vortex hitting it is much higher.

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