The 1st of September signifies the start of a new school year for Czech students. On their first day, most students, except the first grade newcomers, will undergo the first part of the screening covid testing. First graders will be tested on Thursday, September 2nd. The overall testing will continue on September 6th and 9th. The Ministry of Health is hoping that the test results will help to determine further process of school covid regulations for the fall season. The idea behind the screening testing is to detect an exact number of positive tested students. If there are over 25 positive test results for every 100 000 tested students, then the particular region will continue weekly testing. Only a handful of parents have decided to refuse to test their children. Such students will be required to obey stricter rules to prevent the spreading of the virus. According to the Minister of Education, Czech schools are not expected to be closed within the upcoming months if they responsibly follow the latest pandemic restrictions. The ministry will also be providing a variety of extra tutorials for students that have had difficulties with distant learning last year. Children who feel like they have gaps in their knowledge or insufficient information in any subject are definitely encouraged to join the additional lessons.