Every year, Czech university faculties in Prague select a number of exceptional students currently enrolled in bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees that have shown outstanding performances and creative work in their particular field. The chosen ones are annually honored with the Josef Hlávka Award, which they solemnly receive at Lužany Castle, designed by Hlávka himself. All recipients must be under the age of 33. The award consists of a diploma and a donation of 25 000 Czech Crowns to each gifted student. Josef Hlávka was a Czech architect, builder, philanthropist and founder of the oldest Czech foundation for sciences and arts loosely translated as the Talent of Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávkovi. On account of the uncontrolled spreading of the coronavirus pandemic, the students of 2020 had to be celebrated on September 9th, 2021. The day-long event started off with a visit to Přeštice, Hlávka’s home town. University professors, rectors, students and many others have gathered in front of a tomb that is dedicated to Josef Hlávka. While observing a minute of silence, the guests laid down flowers to show respect and honor the prominent Czech figure. The ceremony continued in Lužany, a city just around the corner from Přeštice. The guests visited a chapel, designed by Hlávka, where they heard a Mass in D, by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. As Hlávka and Dvořák actually happened to be long-time friends, this particular piece was composed upon Hlávka’s request. The Awards ceremony took place inside the breathtaking Lužany Castle, accompanied by The Quartet assembled by the members of the Orchestra of Charles University in Prague. The foundation gifted not only the excelling students, but also the professors and the city of Přeštice. The day concluded with a tour of the Lužany Castle.