Despite the optimism stemming from the progress of the vaccination programme, we are still in a pandemic. The closing of the first school Prague since September 1st reminds us of that. Due to an increased number of cases within the school, local hygienic officers decided to close the Chmelnice Elementary School in Prague 3. While those who were not proven positive with a test can still engage in other social activities, all learning will take place online at least for the next 10 days. According to Václav Havelka, the director of the school, the length of mandatory online learning will depend on future decisions of hygienic officers. The decision to close the school came after 44 pupils and 13 teachers tested positive for covid-19. For reference, the Chmelnice Elementary School has a total capacity of 700 pupils. The director further explained, that since the school provides education to children mainly from the area, there are often siblings in different classrooms. These pupils then serve as bridges for the disease between different classrooms, when they spread the disease between each other at home. This is the first school in Prague, that had to fully shut down due to covid-19 this academic year.