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Vaccination during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, upcoming mothers have to decide for both themselves and the baby. That is one of the reasons some are hesitant to get vaccinated against covid-19. However deciding to get vaccinated is a far better choice for both the mother and the baby in most cases. Women in the third trimester of pregnancy are at high risk of having to battle with a more severe course of the disease, due to their naturally weakened immune response. Furthermore, a vaccine could protect both the mother and the baby in the future, as the mixing blood in the placenta will likely carry over some of the immunity to the disease into the baby’s forming body. It is best for each individual pregnant woman to consult this decision with her gynaecologist. Her gynaecologists knows her best and she likely trust them to give good advice. However, experts generally agree that it is harmless for most pregnant women to get vaccinated, especially towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, when all major organs have finished their development and the baby is mostly just growing in size. It is also a good idea for women in the Czech Republic to get written confirmation of deciding to get vaccinated from their gynaecologists, as some centres lack personnel experienced in gynaecology and are hesitant to vaccinate pregnant women.

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