“Modesty. You cannot control others if you cannot control yourself. Those who most understand their own limitations have the fewest.” Chiron’s advice to a young Jason

Unlike most centaurs in Greek mythology, Chiron was intelligent and civilized.  He was taught the arts by his foster father, Apollo, and was known for his kind nature and using his nurturing of youth with his wisdom. Chiron’s advice is as valuable today as it was when the ancient texts of mythology were written.  For me there are three main themes in this wonderful quote: Humility, self-awareness, and leadership. To begin with, controlling one’s ego—being the master of it rather than the slave—is a rare and most valuable trait. 

When one is control of their ego it brings about a state of calmness that nurtures reflection, which gives birth to self-awareness, which leads one to understand more fully the texture of their being—strengths, weaknesses and biases.  The convergence and nurturing of these elements create a rock-solid foundation for authentic, credible leadership.  It really comes down to a choice: Do you choose to be the master or the slave of your ego?

Good luck on your journey