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Czech News in English » Life » Dates announced for this year's Forum 2000 Conference

Dates announced for this year’s Forum 2000 Conference

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The upcoming 19th annual Forum 2000 Conference entitled “Democracy, Education and Citizenship” (working title) will be held September 13–16, 2015 in Prague and other Central European cities.

Education plays a vital role in how we form our societies and organize our government. If we are losing our democratic values and convictions, what role should education play today in reinvigorating democracy? Can democracy be taught in places where there is no historical precedent? And are the education systems themselves failing in the democracies? These are some of the questions the conference will seek to answer.

A number of distinguished guests from around the world will be discussing these questions. Registration opens on June 8, 2015 and is only possible online.

More information will be available on the event’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

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