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Lost Your Phone or Wallet? You Still Have a Chance to Find it Online in Czechia

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We know how frustrating it can be to lose something outside in the city… But before you lose all hope of finding it, we recommend searching in this online catalogue.


The portal currently has 700 registered partners throughout the Czech Republic – entities and institutions, including, for example, the Motol hospital, some transportation companies, police departments and many others.


A lost item can be returned to the owner in two stages. First – someone will find it, for example, in the park and take it to City Hall, or maybe a tram driver will take it to the office of the transport company. Second – a partner who has found something will send information about it to the portal and the company will add information about the lost item in their database. The person who lost the item will be able to search for it on


To make it even more efficient, suggests purchasing special stickers with a unique code. You can stick them on any valuable item and if it does get lost, the item will have more chances to be found. 

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