“A moment’s courage or a lifetime of regret. That’s always been the choice.”  Anonymous

When I first heard this quote, it was like hearing a bell ring—the clear ring of an important truth.  Many of those who read this, will have already experienced the dilemma this quote spells out.  But, for those who haven’t, I would urge you to commit this quote to memory, because the time will come when you are called upon to make a decision that could well define you in a positive or negative way. 

It could be in business or in your personal life.  You find yourself in a situation that is extremely uncomfortable.  Maybe you made a mistake, maybe you see something happen, or something is said that you know is wrong and you decide not to do anything about it.  Your reasoning is that no one will find out if I just keep my mouth shut, or there really is nothing I can do, when you know there is something you can, and should, do. 

These are the times that we are in a position to make a difference—to refuse to take the easy way out and to step up and do what we know is the right thing to do.  These are the times when, even though no one will ever know you did the right thing, you will know it and, in that moment of courage, you will define yourself to you as the person you are proud to be, or you will begin a lifetime of revisiting the situation and always saying to yourself, “If only I had…”.  The truth is that in the long-term, making the right decisions gives one a sense of inner peace and pride that is truly worth a lifetime of good memories.

Good luck on your journey!