During the summer holidays, 105 individuals have lost their lives on the Czech highways. The police has overall registered 17 516 car accidents for the months of July and August. Although the number of incidents is lower than last year, the traffic in the Czech Republic rapidly intensified. Also the injuries that occur as the cars crash are notably less severe than in the past years. There is a proven correlation between these two factors. As more vehicles move on the road, drivers are generally forced to go a little slower, thus the consequences of the accidents are milder. However, the number of deaths is higher than last year. The director of the Czech Traffic Police stated that the increasing number of motorcycle drivers results in more accidents with fatal endings. The statistics show that the most common cause of car crashes were improper ways of driving. This was the case in 67% of the collisions when the drivers paid lack of attention to their control of the vehicle. The major factor that led to 40% of tragic incidents was driving over the speed limit.