On Wednesday afternoon, a heated argument in Prague has almost gone terribly wrong when one of the arguing men pulled out a legally held firearm and threatened to shoot. Reportedly, the dispute started over the ongoing reconstruction of a flat in a apartment building in Prague, Zbraslav. The owners of flats can often have different ideas about what should be going on inside the building, but only scarcely do these conflicts require the assistance of the police. However, when a man approached a group of builders working on a flat and started verbally fighting with them, and the situation quickly escalated to the point where the flat-owner returned to his apartment, just to come back moments later with an air rifle. Even such firearms can be deadly, so the police arrived with  the Czech equivalent of the S.W.A.T. unit and a negotiator. However, the armed suspect quickly realized he was in the wrong, and handed over his firearm to the police almost instantaneously. “There was a dispute between two men over the reconstruction of one of the apartments. One of the tenants, when resolving the dispute, drew a short firearm at the workers, with which he threatened them, “police spokesman Richard Hrdina described for iDNES.cz. Luckily, no one was hurt. The perpetrator, who it almost seems tried to contribute to the script of the sequel to the Czech movie Vlastníci, is yet to face charges, since the police is still working the case.