Those who will have to self-isolate or be in quarantine during the time of the 2021 Czech parliament elections will not have to worry, as the Ministry of Interior introduced a new way of voting for them today, so that their voices can be heard too. Drive-in voting stations will be set up across the country, to allow people, who will be otherwise forbidden from appearing around others, to vote. On the Ministry’s new website: , voters may educate themselves about this new voting method, the conditions under which it will be available, and soon also nearby locations. They can do so by reading the materials present on the website, or watching one of the eleven educational videos present on the site. Each county will be required to have at least one Drive-in voting station, the exact location of which they all have to share by September 23rd. Alternatively, eligible voters may also order a mobile voting station visit over the phone if they are unable to arrive to a Drive-in. This option has already been in place in previous elections for the elderly and the physically disabled, so it might be a safer bet for those who do not wish to experiment with a new way of voting.