On Sunday, firemen from Ústí and Labem were at work today on the D7 highway, as a large lorry caught on fire while traveling down the northwest-bound road from Prague to Chomutov. Luckily, the vehicle did not carry any overly-flammable cargo, so all three fire engines dispatched to the site managed to get to the fire before the flames, which seem to have originated from the front of the vehicle, reached much of the cargo. Nevertheless, the traffic on the highway has been severely limited by the incident, as the firemen closed both lanes of the road to allow them to safely tackle the inferno. The Ústí and Labem Fire department informed about this travel limitation on their official twitter account shortly after noon. The Police also arrived to the site, as their job is to investigate the exact source of this malfunction. Luckily, no ambulance was needed as the driver of the vehicle managed to get out of the cabin before anything could happen to them. The highway stayed closed in the direction towards Chomutov until late afternoon hours, as the remains of the large vehicle had to be removed and environmental damage of the accident had to be evaluated and minimized.