The confirmation of a certain level of antibodies present in one’s blood system is currently not allowed as a replacement for a vaccination certificate, recently suffered covid or a negative test. The Ministry of Health still hasn’t finalized whether antibodies are a good enough reason to avoid covid vaccination. The minister said that people with adequate antibodies measurements should get vaccinated, however, the one-dosage vaccine by Johnson & Johnson should be sufficient. For patients that have already received two shots and also dealt with covid, the third one will not be required. There has been an ongoing discussion on the matter but the experts hesitate to come to a definite conclusion. The opposition and a majority of Czech politicians along with the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš are in favor of the antibodies to be considered as a valid proof of covid immunity. Their main argument is that there is a given level of antibodies that allows a person, who already had the virus in the past, to provide plasma for patients that are being cured from coronavirus. In such cases, the vaccination is, according to them, not only unnecessary, but it might be tied to needless side effects. On the other hand, several specialists have argued against it, claiming that the exact level of antibodies that guarantees a person’s immunity is still remaining undetermined. They highly recommend everyone to get vaccinated, disregarding the antibodies.