On Wednesday September 15th, a house has exploded in Koryčany near Kroměříž. During the explosion 6 were injured. One of these people passed away, one person is still missing under the rubble, and three others had to be transported to nearby hospitals. The last victim of the blast only suffered minor injuries, so they only required the care of the paramedics who arrived to the site of the tragedy. Apparently, a crew of voluntary firefighters was working within the house when the explosion happened. They arrived there to resolve a gas leak reported by the inhabitants of the house. Thus, it is likely that it was the malfunctioning gas pipe that fuelled the explosion, which tore down the whole family home. A USAR team, a squad of firemen trained for search and rescue after a building collapses, has been dispatched to the site, adding to the total of 16 firemen squads and 2 canine units rescuing the soul stuck under the rubble. There has been no information on whether this lost person is one of the inhabitants of the house, or one of the voluntary firemen who were inside the house during the blast.