The Wenceslas funfair in Strakonice is one of the largest funfairs in the Czech Republic and takes place every year at the turn of September and October. At such fairs, visitors can not only find market stalls with various treats, gifts and decorations, but also portable attractions, such as a small rollercoaster, a house of terror or other sources of adrenalin. Unfortunately, this year, one of the attractions malfunctioned while visitors were inside of it. This attraction offered its customers a second of weightlessness, as it locked them in a large metal ball and shot them a few metres into the air using a slingshot-like mechanism.  From the videos of the incident circulating on social media, it is quate clear that the right side of the slingshot mechanism snapped before two men currently inside the metal ball could be launched up, resulting in the metal ball with its two passengers hurling itself straight against the left pillar of the attraction, to which the remaining part of the slingshot tether was attached. Thus, the metal ball, with funfair visitors still inside, crashed into a metal pole, producing a horrifying visual. Luckily, neither of the men inside the ball were hurt, and the attraction owners managed to escort them out of the ball safely. Still, this incident will not be probably remembered fondly by those who experienced it, and may revive the debate about the safety of such travelling attractions.

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